Valentine’s Day Cards – Military

Valentine’s Day Cards – Military

Being married to a submariner I have been known to occasionally (often) buy nautical themed stuff. What you can buy definitely ranges from nice and tasteful to downright tacky and I have got a little bit of everything! Maybe I should do a post about some of the utter tacky crap I have got over the years! Even though I do tacky, I don’t really do Valentine’s Day, it’s just not something we have ever celebrated, but I do like buying cards.

So I like that this is a time when you can sometimes get different cards and as long as they’re blank inside they can normally be given at any time. I have a box of different cards for those ‘just because’ moments, I like to send them to Chris when he’s away or about to go away and I also like to randomly send them to friends. Who doesn’t like receiving cards!!

Bearing that in mind I thought I would put a list together of some of the cards that I’ve seen that would be particularly perfect for military partners or partners that work away!

  1. Who doesn’t love a ship/sub card! The options here have to be some one of my favourite naval cards ever! The shop does have a lot of sport inspired cards as well

warship you

love you deeply

  1. I do love these little paper aeroplanes to make for your partner, although they’re the sort of thing I would go overboard with and make loads and just throw them round the room!

You can download the link for the template from here…

  1. I like the classic design of this nautical card! This is the sort of card I would buy and give as a just to say card. I stockpile cards for the just because times!

  1. Ahhh a personalised plane card! If you’ve got a plane mad partner this seems brilliant!

  1. I love the stuff in this gallery and we have a few of the pictures from here. The card designs are very much classic Jack (Navy) cards

  1. I do love this card for when they are away, and it is definitely true for me! My legs only get shaved if I go swimming!

  1. Again for when they are away, I sent this to my husband when he was on his 10 months deployment! This is a great website for unusual cards and this collection always makes me smile!—it-drives-me-crazy-UN004_miss.html#SID=88

I haven’t decided on a card this year…..have you?

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