New Year Snowman

New Year Snowman

Here’s an idea for building a crafty snowman! This little guy was sold as a kit at the craft store. I changed it a bit to use some things from my stash.

You will need: Acrylic Folk Art paints, Mod Podge, dictionary paper, paint brushes, scissors, buttons, flat back crystals, ribbon, wire, white pom-poms or whatever embellishments you like.

Cut and tear dictionary paper to fit the snowman and use Mod Podge to attach. Dictionary paper is one of my favorite things to Mod Podge because it’s so thin.

Use a foam brush to rub white Apple Barrel paint over the snowman. This technique tones down the dictionary paper. Optionally, you can paint the hat and arm areas with black and brown paint.

Martha Stewart glitter paint showed up great on the snowman’s base because of it’s larger flakes.

This is where your imagination can cut loose and the snowman come to life–sparkly eyes, a striped ribbon scarf, tinsel hat band and bird cut from the dictionary are a few ideas. You can also string some pom-poms on wire and fasten them to the arms. I used hot glue to secure the pieces in place.

As you can see, he fits right in with all the snow we’ve gotten the past few days. Wishing you a happy and crafty New Year!

**Please note, this is an indoor snowman. However, Plaid makes lots of fun outdoor formulas including Mod Podge and Folk Art brands.

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