Happy Birthday brother

Happy Birthday brother

It’s my big brothers 40th birthday. As one of the most important people in my life I thought I would write a post to say happy birthday!

He is most definitely the person I can always turn to, he has been there for me through every up, down and big event. When I was waiting for the train to go to Devon for my naval training he reminded me of the wise words of dory, just keep swimming swimming swimming just keep swimming. At Brize Norton about to deploy to Afghanistan he kept me amused with questions about wolverine and metal detectors!

And, at my wedding he did me the most amazing honour of giving the ‘father’ of the bride speech. It was beautiful, and had a number of people crying (including me). One of the most memorable parts was when he took parts of songs that meant something to me and made prose and I wanted to share that…..

“When the ship has taken you far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if you live or die
Give him a call, you’ve got a phone don’t you
Turn it on ’cause he needs to hear from you

Though it’ll make you get teary, the world looks dreary
When you wipe your eyes, see it clearly….
You can make an earthquake up in here.

And who cares if you’re trashed,
You got a packet full of cash you can blow
Who cares, he’s gone and married you

Finally, just remember when it all feels like it is getting a bit too much, tell yourself to…
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”

So, happy birthday to my big brother and friend. I am so excited to see the adventures our two little families can have over the next few years

Love your soppy little sister


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