Eva’s World – another independent shop shutting

Eva’s World – another independent shop shutting

Shopping with a baby/toddler can be hell on earth. Staying at home with a toddler can be just as bad, but baby activities can be so expensive and the weather too rubbish for walks that it’s sometimes the only option.

In Plymouth someone came up with an alternative. Christina Farley originally had a baby shop, Eva’s World, selling gorgeous organic, ethically produced and often local items. The shop grew and moved to bigger premises where she added Cafe Be and a little play area. It quickly became a hub for parents to have a break with coffee and cake when shopping or a friendly environment to go and relax. There was breastfeeding support times, classes were being run upstairs and there was very much a community feel and atmosphere.

Today I read the awful news that she’s having to shutdown, maybe to make way for another charity shop or maybe to be empty for a while. I can’t be sure what will replace it, but I am sure it won’t bring as much support to the local community.

This is the second independent shop/cafe to shut down in Plymouth this month. Poor sales and the January tightening of belts has to take some of the blame. But, is there something else that could, and should, have been done to help these independents. The people who strive to be part of and to give back to the community. A subsidy to help them stay afloat, or support in building the business. I don’t know….I just hope there is something that can be done to help stop independent shops becoming a thing of the past.

Unfortunately for Christina she is having to close the door of Eva’s world for now. She will still be operating online and will hopefully find new premises soon. When she does I hope she has the support to grow and achieve all she can. Although I am not there at the moment, I can’t wait to visit in the new premises and enjoy some coffee and cake xx

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