A lot of friends are having babies at the moment. So I thought I would write some posts on useful stuff!The first is about good old breastfeeding…..something that is very close to my heart! You can read about feeding journey here, but this is more about things you might not get told or don’t realise until it’s too late/already caused sleepless nights!

1. It doesn’t always come naturally, help is out there

For some people it’s difficult, painful and stressful.  But, for mums in this position there is so much help available, it’s just not always very well signposted. Places you can turn to include:Latch on groups – ask your family centre or HV. A great place to meet with other mums and moan/discuss/get support.  There are always qualified people there to help.

Cafes – a lot of areas have cafes which give support.  Google them or ask in local fb pages

HV – some health visitor centres have someone who has specialised in feeding, so they could be a good place to start

NCT – check them online as they have great support options
National Breastfeeding Helpline
La leche leagueStart4Life Facebook bot

2. Pumping is not the same as feeding

A pump no matter how efficient will not normally be as efficient as your baby. So don’t get downhearted when you can only pump 1oz this is not a reflection of your supply, just that you aren’t great at pumping.

Again there are tips to help you improve pumping if it’s important.

3. Feeding schedules are nigh on impossible

Babies like to feed on demand especially when there’s the yummy smell of milk tempting them at every cuddle they may want it more! It is perfectly normal for your baby to cluster feed, or feed every half an hour or all the time! It can be tiring for mummy but it’s not something to panic about unless there are signs of dehydration.

If you are worried always get medical advice though….better to be safe and have confidence that what is happening is normal for your baby.
4. Public feeding is fine

Personally I have never had any issues with feeding in public, nor have my friends. Unfortunately there is always going to be some loud mouth knob who thinks it’s ok to comment. If it happens go on Facebook have a rant and smile at the huge amount of support you’ll get.

Don’t let the media scaremonger you into thinking you’ll definitely have issues in public. Most places are lovely!

5. Hormones are a gift that keep on giving!

Breastfeeding hormones added into the post pregnancy hormones can be a bit of a roller coaster. It is normal to cry and be emotional especially when your milk comes in on day 3ish. It’s just something to be aware of, and maybe warn your partner. If breastfeeding does take some work then they can be invaluable in helping you through it.

Leading into my final and most important point of

Look after yourself! Healthy mummy is essential. Breastfeeding takes a lot out of you so always have water on hand to stop you getting dehydrated. I also always had snacks in case I started to get hungry or light headed. You are as important as the new little human.Breastfeeding really has been one of the most stressful but rewarding and amazing times. It is worth sticking to if it’s right for you and baby so use people around you, friends, family and the support networks available

P.s sorry to be the bearer of bad news but weight loss isn’t a given! I ate a lot of cake and biscuits and cookies etc so unfortunately for me it was not true!!!

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