Arthur's Activity Board

Arthur's Activity Board

Mr B is great at DIY so when I saw an activity board on Facebook I knew this would be something he could make for Arthur. Like most toddlers Arthur loves to play and explore everything…..phones, cupboards, keys etc so we thought an activity board would be great for him.

I can honestly say that Mr B excelled himself……a trip to Homebase and The Range and he got all the bits he needed, plus adding ‘essential’ tools to his already extensive tool box!

The first things he did was cut off a piece of the wood board to make doors, sanded down all hard edges, varnished and painted.
Here are the doors and letters – in his beloved Norwich City Football colours!

Then came the working out spaces for all the bits. I finished making Christmas cards whilst this was going on! I could look but not touch the board!

Here is the final board

And with the doors open to show a picture of all of us and one of Molly Cat who he loves.

His little face when he saw the board was an absolute picture, he immediately went for the magnet letters and the phone. Think this is going to be a well loved toy!

For information the bits that were added are:

Cardboard letters for his name

A light switch

A telephone

Door stoppers

Bed wheels

A door chain

A handle

A bolt on the cupboard

Cupboard doors

Pictures beneath the doors

Steel baking tray

Magnetic letters and numbers

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  1. December 19, 2016 / 8:50 pm

    Thats flipping brilliant!!!! I want one!

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