New year…new name!

So why the name change……?

Well, as my close friends and family will attest to, I do have a soppy side.  It’s hidden, protected by walls of sarcasm, but it’s there.  Since having a baby I am far more emotional so I thought when I started writing the blog that the soppy emotional Sara would come out more.  The more I write though I find that the name soppy mum isn’t really working for me or my posts!

‘Speaking’ to a group of blogger friends I mentioned I would like to play on my surname.  I mean with a name like Balls (thank you Chris) there’s ALOT of scope! Emma Reed suggested Ballsy Mama and I loved it!

I mean parenting is all about juggling and trying not to drop balls as well as sometimes needing balls of steel especially when you try to argue with a toddler.

So here we go…..hope you enjoy the new blog and the adventures of daddy, mama and baby balls!

Let me know what you think of the new name!

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