Moving House….with a toddler (Part One)

We are moving house to Portsmouth in just over a week, one naval base to another!  This is my first proper house move, up until now I have always been able to move with a car and rent a van but over the last 4 years in this house we have definitely expanded, both our family and stuff….and more stuff!

I have been really calm and chilled out about the move, until now.  We are moving to another military married quarter (house) meaning that they organise the logistics of the move.  It also means that I have been sitting back with a glass of pinot feeling quite smug, knowing that they are going to come and do all the packing.

Then it hit me!  We have got a lot of shit, I really need to sort through it, get it into an order that I would be happy for someone to come and box it up!  I also need to work out how I am going to keep my very active/nosey/noisy toddler entertained during the move!  This has all led to me getting stressed and worried about it.

Mr B often tells me I am a disorganised organised person.  In many ways I am very organised, especially when it comes to work.  As I have not worked outside of the house for so long I seem to have lost some of my brain power for organising logistics.  So, I am digging and bringing that side back; lists are getting written, a diary of events is being utilised and I am slowly sorting everything.

Keeping Baby B amused

Here are my ideas so far:

  1. Go for a walk in the park opposite (unless it is absolutely pissing it down again)
  2. Set aside a space with some of his favourite toys so he can play (make sure it can move into different rooms as required)
  3. Ask our friends on our road whether we can have a play date/lunch at theirs
  4. Keep the travel cot out so he can nap (hahahahahaha……I can hope)
  5. As always, ensure we have lots of snacks and charged iPads!

On arrival Mr B will be there before us as we are staying behind to conduct the march out (leaving routine) for our current house.  Baby B will be particularly ‘helpful’ when it comes to unpacking so we are really hoping the breakables get unpacked prior to our arrival!

Right……better get back to sorting.  Please let me know if you have got any useful advice on keeping him amused during the move!



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