Wedding shoes – painted, unique and personal

painted wedding shoes

Moving house was pretty crap and stressful, but it does allow for a couple of positives!  For me, it allowed me to throw away a lot of stuff I had been hoarding….much to my husbands delight.  Secondly though it gave me a great chance to look through photos, see my framed items and to think about the memories and the fun times we have had.  One of my favourite items is my wedding shoes, which are displayed on the wall.

I am obviously biased, but I think my wedding shoes are pretty great!  I wanted to do something special, not really sure why as I knew they weren’t going to be seen, but I did want something unique.

There is a painter in Plymouth, Sue Wills, whose work that I love; the most beautiful pictures of Plymouth.  I discussed with her the possibility of painting my wedding shoes, thankfully she loved the idea and told me what to look for in the shoes.

I found a pair of plain shoes in the Next sale for £12, perfect! I took them to her and we discussed what she would do.  Her suggestion was to do two angles of Plymouth Hoe, our names on one shoe and date on the other.  Whilst I was organising this Mr B was away on a 10.5 month submarine deployment, so Sue also suggested painting a submarine coming into port.  Perfect!!

A few weeks before the wedding I picked up my shoes and they were more amazing than I could ever imagine.  I couldn’t wait to wear them!

painted wedding shoes
HD Wedding Photos
painted wedding shoes plymouth
HD Wedding Photos


Throughout my wedding day I did regularly lift my dress so I could show my shoes off!  In the weeks after my perfect day I knew I didn’t just want my shoes to sit in a box never to be seen again.  Talking to a local framer, he said he would be able to box frame them for me.

framed painted wedding shoes

I am so happy with the finished result, love having this great reminder of our great day!


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