A Plymouth Beauty Retreat 

I can honestly say that I’m useless at beauty, all elements of it! I try with makeup and can sometimes pull it off to an extent as long as I don’t step towards liquid eyeliner or smoky eyes!  But hair and eyebrow maintenance, I am terrible.

During our six months away I let my eyebrows take over and my hair do what it wanted. The sun and sea were amazing but my very curly hair just got drier and drier. It was even at the stage where Mr B said I needed a haircut!

I kept on seeing adverts on Facebook for a new place in town, The Fox House Retreat, so I thought let’s give that a go! From the moment I enquired about an appointment the service was amazing. I booked in to get the deforestation done on my eyebrows and a haircut straight after.

The Treatment
When I arrived I was made to feel so welcome, my coat was taken and I was led to a lovely treatment room at the back, the shop is definitely bigger than it looks!  I walked past the nail section and noted that there were a good number of chairs available, perfect if you want to get your nails done with a friend so you can chat.  Po my beautician was a perfectionist and didn’t stop until we were both happy. I can honestly say it’s the best eyebrow shape I have ever had.
I was then taken to the hair side of the shop where the job of dealing with my mat of hair was given to Alex. Po made me a cup of tea (in very fancy China) and I sat with Alex who gave options of what to do and how to look after my curls.

I have never found having my haircut an enjoyable experience. But, let’s be honest an hour child free time is always going to be amazing and the Fox House Retreat was a lovely way to spend it. I did miss a bit of a trick by driving in as everyone around me was enjoying a nice glass of wine instead of tea! Next time I’ll definitely get a lift!!!

If you’re in Plymouth and want to try a new beautician or hair salon I really cannot recommend the Fox House Retreat enough.  I will be using them when I make my frequent trips back to Plymouth!

*this is not a sponsored post.
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